Work from Home Jobs – Remote Customer Service Jobs – Earn Up to $10 Per Hour

Commuting for work daily can really be very stressful especially if our work place is far away from where we stay. Hence most of us prefer earning from the comfort of our homes. Work from Home Jobs have really become one of the most looked for jobs especially in the Covid times. But there are major concerns that come along with Work from Home Jobs like job security, regular income, job liability. But there is good news, today we will look at the top 8 Remote customer Service Jobs that pay you real time and are 100% reliable.

Work from Home Jobs – 8 Remote Customer Service Jobs


1.Blue Zebra

Can you do sales? If yes than, Blue Zebra is a good online opportunity to consider. The minimum work hours required here are 3-6 hours per day or 15-30 hours per week. They usually pay $15 per hour initially. If you achieve your sales targets within a month, you can expect a raise of 15% straight. Payments in Blue Zebra are done weekly with direct deposit in the individual’s account.

2.ACD Direct

ACD Direct offers new agents $0.25 per talk minute which can add up in a hurry if you stay busy. Applicants are expected to complete 3-steps to officially be considered for the team. The three mandatory steps are online registration, vocal demonstration, and computer system verification. Applicants typically get a response back within 5 business days.



Remote customer service work from home jobs can be easily found with NexRep. They are always looking at expading their work force. This is a commission based opportunity, the more sales you manage, better the commission. NexRep promotes the work from home culture as they feel individuals perform better when given the comfort of staying home.

There is complete freedom on working hours and this flexibility allows you to become your own boss. You can earn as high as $20 if you achieve your targets. Agents have complete support system to help them get started with the work and projects.


4.VIP Desk

VIP Desk is currently hiring remote customer service representatives from different electronic brands ranging from companies that produce game headsets, microphones, and recording products. This job typically involves trouble shooting and answering customer queries. At present, VIP Desk  has members working remotely in over 35 different states.

2 weeks online training is mandatory for new agents to help them getting started. Classes usually are held from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. Agents must have a typing speed of 35 words per minute and an associate degree or some college is preferred.


 5.Working Solutions

Work at your own pace in the customer service team at Working Solutions. All you need is a USB headset and a computer/ laptop with at least 8GB of RAM. Applicants are required to pay an initial amount of $18.50 to perform background checks. This will include national and county checks and also social security verification.

Applicants are also required to take a 30 minutes assessment which help to decide their eligibility for work. Working Solutions agents term their projects as program. If they wish, they can work on up to two programs at once. Payments are made every 15 days and can be either direct deposit or check.



Arise is a virtual platform that helps to connect work-at-home professionals with large companies. Work from home agents handle customer queries through incoming calls on behalf of different companies.

Agents need to be super organized and responsive. They are also required to help customers to get to the root of their problems. If applicants can speak Spanish or French, they have a higher chance of getting onboard. Arise pays anywhere from $10-$16.



Adding to the list is another popular remote customer service job that pays up to $15 per hourSitel. They have over 80,000 agents currently on the team but are always looking to add more. They help customers all around the world over chat, email, or phone.



KellyConnect is looking for outgoing and motivated customer service agents to join their team. According to KellyConnect, over 3.9 million Americans worked from home in 2017, and they want to help keep that number up.

They do have a training process in place and agents actually get paid $13.50 per hour during it. Customer service reps are also eligible for a $1 raise after just 90 days with the company. Agents will have to multitask and be comfortable using online chat services, instant messaging, and other online tools.


Final Thoughts on Remote Customer Service Jobs

Whether you are looking at earning full time or part time, there are many work from home customer service jobs that will cater to your needs. Some of these opportunities also come with additional benefits. These jobs may require you to work weekends but this will much easier than commuting daily. There is nothing better than earning money from the comfort of your own home! If you have any prior customer service experience, do mention it on your resume and CV while applying for work from home jobs.


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