Ways to Make Best Passive Income 2022

If you are looking at the best passive income 2022 then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to make passive income in 2022,

Before we jump right into ways of making passive income, let us first understand what is the difference between earned income, passive income, and investment income?

Earned income is the money you make by running a business or performing a job, whereas investment / passive income is the money you make from money you invest or profits from properties you own. They have varied tax consequences, and some types of income fall outside of these two categories.

ways to make the best passive income 2022
best passive income 2022

Now that we know the difference between active income and passive income, let us also explain the difference between gross income and net income. This can simply be understood by the below example.

Gross income

Employees earn gross compensation before taxes, benefits, and other payroll deductions are deducted from their pay. 

Net Income

Net pay, often known as take-home pay, is the amount left over after all withholdings have been deducted.

Now let us focus on the best passive income ideas for 2022

Below are the Best Passive Income 2022

Make an online Video course

Making an audio or video course and then sitting back as money flows in from the sale of your product is a popular technique for passive income. Sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera can help you distribute and sell your courses. You can make a course about anything you have your expertise in. Some of the most popular courses that sell online are:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Parenting courses
  • Pet Training courses
  • Health & Wellness courses
  • Skill-based courses

Write & Publish an Ebook

Just like creating an online video course, you can simply put your expertise in an ebook and publish it on a platform like Amazon KDP

An e-book can be used to drive visitors to other products, such as audio or video courses, additional e-books, a website, or potentially higher-value seminars, in addition to providing good information and value to readers.

Income from Renting

This is another great way to generate passive income. The idea is to first invest in an asset and then rent it out to others for a fixed monthly price. 

If you have an extra house that you do not wish to live in, you can simply give it on rent and enjoy the income it generates for you monthly. 

Renting is not only limited to a house, you may even invest in commercial property and rent it to someone else to run their business. Similarly, you can even rent your automobiles like cars, bikes, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to make passive income in 2022 is through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which a firm pays third-party publishers to send traffic or leads to its products and services. 

Affiliates are third-party publications that are paid a commission to create new methods to promote the firm.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Step 1: Create Affiliate Revenue-Generating Content

Step 2) Use the content to promote your affiliate products.

Step 3) Convert Your Website / Social Media Visitors Into Affiliate Customers.

Step 4) Increase your revenue by optimizing your existing traffic.

Step 5) Use your email list to increase affiliate revenue.

App creation

In today’s App savvy world, we use apps for everything, from shopping to renting to selling and the list goes on and on.

Looking at its demand, you can invest in creating an app and then monetize it once it is running successfully.

Below are the different ways in which you can make money from mobile apps:

  1. In-app Advertising.
  2. In-app purchases.
  3. Subscription.
  4. Paid apps.
  5. Sponsorship.
  6. Affiliate income.
  7. Selling merchandise.
  8. Crowdfunding.

Dividend Stocks

A dividend is a payment made to a group of shareholders in the form of cash or stock. Dividends are often paid out of a company’s retained earnings. This can be a great source of passive income but you will have to study the market thoroughly as there is always risk involved.

Some of the best dividend stocks are Here

Nfts that make passive income

Investing in NFTs provides a variety of active and passive income opportunities. Attempt yield farming, which is leasing your crypto assets to DeFi platforms in exchange for interest and locking them in liquidity pools. You’ll be paid interest based on how much of the liquidity pool your asset owns.

Ways to Make Passive Income with NFTs

  • NFTs can be rented or delegated. NFTs have applications that go far beyond digital artwork.
  • With EverGrow Coin, you can lend NFT. The realm of borrowing and lending is one of DeFi’s greatest contributions to crypto.
  • Earning passive revenue via staking NFTs.
  • Earning royalties from your NFTs is a great way to supplement your income.

Below are the Best NFTs that make passive income

  • Axie Infinity – AXS
  • Decentraland – MANA
  • The Sandbox – SAND
  • Gala Games – GALA
  • Enjin – ENJ
  • Theta Network – THETA
  • Polygon – MATIC

Which passive income source is best?

The best passive income source depends on several factors, the most important of which are the amount of money you have to invest, the total size of the opportunity, your interest and ability in the area, and the amount of time you need to invest, and the potential to succeed. 

Hence, you must weigh the opportunity against these factors to determine which passive income strategy is best for you. 

However, having the expertise and interest in your target area can help motivate you in the early days when things are likely to be tougher.

Last Thoughts

Above are the best passive income 2022 ideas which you can explore and choose the one that best suits your needs and interests. Do remember, passive income generally requires time and effort initially but once you set the ball rolling, you can expect a steady income flow with minimum attention later. It is best advised to invest your time and effort into something that you highly enjoy doing. This will ensure consistency in the flow of income.